Charge to the Equity Committee

Purpose of the Equity Committee 

Equity seeks to satisfy the needs of different people or groups of people without judging them for their gender, race, ethnicity, politics, or religion. To be equitable, different needs are satisfied by actions and policies that are just and fair, although not necessarily equal. 

Provide a forum for the discussion of institutional issues, policies, and procedures in employment-related equity issues at VMI.

Inform and advise the Superintendent and the Institute Planning Committee (IPC) on institutional issues, policies, and procedures related to equity at VMI.

Make policy and procedural recommendations to the Superintendent and to the IPC regarding the resolution of equity-related issues and problems.

Following is a list of accomplishments by the committee:

  • Committee members reached agreement on the mission, duties, and procedures for the Equity Committee to be successful.
  • Developed an employee web site to make equity information accessible, provide a secure means for employees to use web-based reporting of equity concerns for the committee's review, and to maintain an ongoing list of posted issues and committee responses to them.
  • Recommended redesign of the VMI phone directory to include all VMI employees and contact information.
  • Recommended to the Superintendent the need for and contents of a survey among employees to assess the "climate" of the VMI workplace. The survey is now conducted annually.

Responses to submissions will be posted on the Equity Committee website.