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  Digital Publications from the VMI Archives

ebook  In addition to the many manuscripts, photographs, and other digital material that is available through the VMI Archives website, we have begun large-scale digitization of popular VMI publications and the cataloging of "born digital: items. These projects are ongoing and new items will appear as they becomes available.

Digital Collections in Our Digital Repository

A digital repository is simply a user-friendly online home created to preserve, share, and enhance the use of selected materials from our institutional holdings. Included are "born digital" contemporary items, as well as historical material digitized from other formats. New items are added frequently. Current collections in our repository are:

Popular Student Publications  1910Bomb_coversmall

  • The VMI Cadet
    The student newspaper began publication in 1907. You can browse or search the collection on our digital collections site. 
  • The VMI Yearbook
    Known as The Bomb, the yearbook was first published in 1885.  After a nine year hiatus, it has been published continuously since 1895, with the exception of 1945 & 1946.  The entire run of the publication, from the first volume through 2010, is now available online.

 Institute Publications (Historical)