Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1859 April 11

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Date: 1859 April 11
Item: Letter
To: J. Jaqueline Smith
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington Va.
April 11, 1859

From your letter of the 31 ult. I am gratified to learn that you contemplate making a European tour. You request me to send you a copy of my notes of travel. Should I do so, I fear that they would be of but little service to you as they are not sufficiently full to give you much information. Even with my recollection of places, etc. to aid me, I am not always able to make out the sense. And instead of giving you incoherent suggestions, I have thought best to glance over my notes, and send you such information as I think will be valuable. And in doing so, I would recommend you to purchase a note book before sailing, and if time will permit to keep a satisfactory journal beginning with the first day and closing with the returning one of your tour.

As soon as you reach Liverpool purchase guide books of such countries as you design visiting. If you have time to see things leisurely, don't employ guides. Leaving L. visit Chester and drive out to Eaton Hall, which is a fine specimen of an English nobleman's estate; it belongs to the Marquis of Westminster, said by some to be the wealthiest man in England. If you have time after returning to C. take the cars and visit the great Tubular bridge, and pass over to Ireland for a few days. Should you go to I. be sure if you should pass near Parsonstown, to see the great Ross telescope, and whilst there, ask for its magnifying power, and please inform me of it. Returning to Liverpool visit the following places Glasgow, Dunbarton Castle, Loch Loman, Loch Catrine, Sterling Castle, Edinborough, York, Cambridge, London, Antwerp, Waterloo. Pass through Brussells on your way to and also on your return from Waterloo. Leaving B. visit Aix La Chappel, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfort on the Main, Heidleburg, Baden Baden, Strasburg, Baste, Lakes Lucern, Brienz & Thun. Stop for at least one day at Interlaken which is between lakes B. & T. Visit Berne, Freiberg, Lake Geneva, Geneva, Mer de Glas. From Martigny, cross the Alps by the Simplon Pass into Italy. Visit Lakes Como & Majora. Visit Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Leghorn, Rome, Naples, Genoa, Turin, Paris.

I have given you the tour I should take above all others, if I did not have time for a more extensive one. It differs a little from the one taken by me. I did not see the Tubular Bridge nor visit Ireland. And instead of visiting Turin I hastened to Paris by the steamer from Genoa. Knowing the stopping points you can post yourself up on your guide book in advance.

In York observe the organ especially. In Antwerp note Reubens' paintings. In Heid. observe the castle. In Strasburg is the wonderful clock. In Feiberg is one of the best organs in the world. At Verona is the most perfect amphitheater in the world. You may find it more pleasant to visit Naples before Rome. You will fine Genoa probably the most beautiful of all the cities in consequence of its elevation being such as to present its different parts distinctly to the eye when viewed from the harbor. I omitted calling your attention to the Museum in Antwerp.

In Venice, nearly every thing of interest except its canals are on St. Mark's square. In Florence give yourself plenty of time to visit frequently the statuary in the room called the Tribuna. Study the original works of art with which you may meet in Antwerp, Florence, Rome, etc. and when you reach Paris you will see a miniature of all, serving to refresh your memory but not calling for examinations, as you have already seen the originals. In P. you should give attention to the externals, visit the neighboring Royal residences, etc.

Of course you will pass some time in London and visit the Parks, Westminster Abbey a number of times. I hope that you may be able to make the tour and that you may realize more than you even anticipate

I would be glad to hear from you during your absence & after your return. Things are here in much the same routine as when you left.

Yours truly, T. J. Jackson

To J. Jaquelin Smith, Esq.

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