James B. Moss, Jr. (VMI Class of 1946)
World War II Diary
Italy, 1943-1944; Anzio Beachhead
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ms00452titlesmallJames B. Moss, Jr. (1924-1998) of Richmond, Virginia entered VMI in September 1942 as a member of the Class of 1946. Along with many other members of his Class, he soon enlisted in the Army and began active duty in March 1943.

Moss embarked upon 26 months of overseas duty in September, 1943, serving with the 15th Field Artillery Observation Battalion and attaining the rank of Sergeant. He participated in a number of critical battles, including Anzio Beachhead, Mt. Camino, and Monte Cassino; his unit saw 554 days of continuous combat operations.

Moss's diary begins on September 13, 1943 --- the day he left the United States --- and ends on D-Day, June 6, 1944. During the bulk of this period his unit was in Italy at Anzio Beachhead and vicinity.

Following the war Moss returned to VMI to finish his education and was awarded a B. S. in Electrical Engineering in June 1950. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the U. S. Army Reserves and returned to active duty during the Korean War. In civilian life, Moss pursued his career as an electrical engineer, serving with Western Electric Co. in missile systems development. Mr. Moss died in 1998, survived by his wife and two children.
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