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Karen Kirkpatrick
Office Manager

Ph: (540) 464-7667
Fax: (540) 464-7025
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Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

Center for Cadet Counseling
Virginia Military Institute
2nd Floor VMI Health Center
Lexington, VA  24450

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about our services. We have the answers you need.
Why do cadets seek counseling?
Many times, cadets seek counseling because they find that their concerns are holding them back from participating fully in important parts of their lives – relationships with friends, partners, or family, academic performance, athletics, ROTC, or other daily responsibilities of cadet life here at VMI. Cadets also seek counseling when they feel that, despite their best efforts, they continue to feel “stuck” or like they are repeating problematic patterns.
For what kinds of concerns do cadets seek counseling?

Many concerns that prompt a cadet to seek counseling are typical reactions to stressors, or are developmental in nature – meaning that many college-aged students across the country experience the same kinds of concerns. Cadets seek guidance for specific problems – for example coping with a unique stressful situation, substance abuse, anger, loss of an important relationship, loneliness, depression, social or performance anxiety, self-injurious behaviors like cutting, or problems with weight, appetite, and exercise. 

Sometimes cadets have broader goals – improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, developing more effective social skills, or learning more about their personality.

Confidentiality: Who will find out that I come to the CCC?

Individual counseling services and records are confidential, meaning that we cannot share any of your personal information outside of the CCC without your knowledge and written permission. This includes all VMI officials, faculty, and staff outside the CCC, parents, relatives, guardians, friends, and other cadets. Our staff respects your privacy, takes confidentiality very seriously, and adheres to the strictest professional, ethical, and legal guidelines regarding your privacy. We believe that counseling works best when you feel that you can be open and honest.

There are a few, very certain conditions where exceptions to confidentiality may occur – where we may be required to reveal some of your personal information in accordance with federal, state, or local laws. These situations include when:

We believe that there is a substantial likelihood that a cadet will cause serious physical harm to her/himself or another person unless protective measures are taken. In these cases, Virginia law mandates that the parents of dependent cadets must be notified of the situation. 

We have reasonable cause to believe that a child is being abused or neglected or an aged or incapacitated adult is being subject to abuse, neglect, or exploitation. 

We receive a court order upon good cause shown or in compliance with a subpoena. 

We are approached by authorized federal officials for information related to national security and intelligence activities. By law, we may not be able to reveal to the cadet when we have disclosed such information to the government. 

We need to seek legal advice from VMI’s Policy & Legal Affairs Advisor. 

The parents of a minor (i.e., a cadet who is under the age of 18) request information. 

Our staff will discuss our confidentiality policy with you at your first appointment. Cadets are welcome to contact the CCC at any time with questions pertaining to confidentiality. For more information regarding confidentiality, please go to Confidentiality Statement and The CCC's Notice of Privacy Policy and Informed Consent).

In addition, mandated substance abuse assessments are not confidential. For more information about this, please call our office at 540.464.7667.

Are counseling records ever a part of my VMI or academic record?
No. Counseling records are kept separate from all other academic, disciplinary, and medical records. For more information, please see GO 9, FERPA