Medical Leave and Medical Furlough

Medical Leaves and Medical Furloughs are coordinated through the VMI Health Center. A Medical Leave or Medical Furlough is recommended when a cadet's health conditions is judged to significantly impair his or her own ability to function successfully or safely as a cadet.

It is expected that the time a cadet takes away from VMI is used for treatment and recovery. The VMI Health Center provides each cadet with specific expectations for their treatment while they are away on leave. Compliance with the treatment expectations is a primary factor in the eventual decision of whether to clear a cadet to return to VMI. Please see General Order No. 61-Medical Furlough and Medical Leave Policy and Mental Health Re-entry Form below for additional details.

Questions about medical leave and medical furlough should be directed to The Center for Cadet Counseling by calling (540) 464-7667.