Substance Abuse Assessment

The CCC provides substance abuse assessment and education for cadets. Each assessment is individualized and based on the particular cadet’s needs.

VMI has a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol. Cadet's who receive a penalty for alcohol use are required to meet with a counselor for education and assessment. Contact the Center for Cadet Counseling at (540) 464-7667 to schedule an appointment.


The CCC offers online self assessments that are free and anonymous. Visit to check out these resources. After completing the assessment, you may want to discuss your results.   Please contact our office, 540-464-7667, to schedule an appointment. Please note that these assessments are not diagnostic tools and should be used to help assess the presence and severity of symptoms.


The Institute Alcohol and Other Drug committee annually disseminates information to the Corp of Cadets, faculty and staff in regards to substance use and abuse.  The notification includes the following:  standards of conduct, possible legal sanctions and penalties, health risks associated with AOD abuse, AOD programs available to Cadets, staff, and faculty, and disciplinary sanctions for violations of the standards of conduct.