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How to Log into the System 

Click the login button. Your browser should be set to automatically log you into the Peddler Forum.  If not, you will be prompted with a login box. In the username box type “vmi\your domain name”, then type in your password into the password box in order to log into the VMI system. For example, if your name was Eric J. Smith, in the username box you would type in “vmi\smithej” and then your password for the system.

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How to view a Post 

Click on the desired forum. (i.e. Announcements, For Free, For Sale, etc.). Click on the topic you wish to view. (i.e. Quilt Raffle, House for Sale, etc.).

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How to make a Post 

Click on the desired forum.  Click the New Topic button. In the Subject box, enter an appropriate subject title.  The default priority should be Normal.  Enter or paste the subject content in the Message Box.  Click on the Post button to add the new topic to the forum.

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How to Respond to a Post 

If you would like to respond to a post you can click on the Add Reply button and follow the same steps as you would to make a post; your post will be available for everyone to see. You may also contact the individual directly using the information they provide in the post; please use your personal email to communicate as outlined in General Order 50

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How to subscribe to a forum 

By subscribing to a particular forum it allows you to receive up-to-date posts via email.  To subscribe via email,  select the forum. (i.e. Announcements) At the top of the page click the white envelope. Next, select the notification type (i.e. all posts or just replies to your post) and click Update Subscription.

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How to unsubscribe from a forum 

To unsubscribe from a forum, select the forum in which you subscribed, and click the white envelope. Select the Unsubscribe box and click Update Subscription. 


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