Degrees and Programs

The curriculum in economics and business leads to the bachelor of arts degree. The major is designed to provide an understanding of the economic system and the function of business enterprise in the economy. It includes many courses common to other liberal arts curricula, with the aim of developing the cadet’s ability to think critically about society’s economic issues. In particular, the curriculum features an emphasis on developing analytical tools and methods of both public economic policy and business decision making.

As one of VMI’s liberal arts curricula, economics and business is based on a foundation of studies in mathematics, languages, social sciences, and humanities. In addition to the core curriculum requirements listed on page 15, cadets must also take core curriculum courses as listed on the next page (9 hours of liberal arts electives, plus 12 hours of one foreign language through the 200-level). The curriculum provides a broadly conceived liberal arts education and is an excellent preparation for a wide range of business pursuits, military service, or graduate studies in economics, business, or law.

“The degree program at VMI is most effective for producing the characteristics of professionalism, integrity, and work ethic that employers are looking for.” - Shannon Daly ‘91

"Students come and go, but a sound curriculum and superb instruction are more enduring. This is an easy lesson to accept as I continue to appreciate the standards of candor, decency, and integrity exemplified by (the faculty), and given that a day does not go by that I do not draw on the knowledge imparted through the curriculum by its instructors." - Todd Brickhouse ‘93