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Stanton Q. Smith, Ph.D.

Stanton Q. SmithProfessor

Ph.D. - University of Virginia (1997)
B.S. - University of Central Florida (1991)

Specialty:  Organic Chemistry & Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry 



401C Maury-Brooke Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA  24450
P:  (540) 464-7426
F:  (540) 464-7261

Dr. Smith is an organic chemist with research interests in natural products chemistry and synthetic methodology. One aspect of this work is the synthesis of novel nitrogen containing natural products; particularly indole alkaloids from sea sponges and pyrazole alkaloids from traditional folklore plants. Another aspect of research is the use of vinamidinium salts as synthetic intermediates to construct nitrogen containing heterocycles. Prior to coming to VMI, Dr. Smith was a postdoctoral chemist at Research Triangle Institute in North Carolina working on a project to chemically inactivate nerve agents.

Recent Publications:


  • Stanton Q. Smith, Sean T. Dudek, Shu-Hui He, Jarod A. Girod, and Shane R. Nunes  “The Application of Vinamidinium Salts to the Synthesis of 1,2,4-Trisubstituted Pyrroles” Tetrahedron Letters 2013, 54, 3965-3966.
  • John T. Gupton III, Nakul Telang, Dominic F. Gazzo, Peter J. Barelli, Kristin E. Lescalleet, Jonathon W. Fagan, Brandon J. Mills, Kara L. Finzel; Rene P. Kanters, Kyle R. Crocker, † Sean T. Dudek, † Corinne M. Lariviere,† Stanton Q. Smith, Kartik M. Keertikar, Christopher Warme, Wendy Zhong;  “Preparation of indole containing building blocks for the regiospecific construction of indole appended pyrazoles and pyrroles”  Tetrahedron 2013, 69, 5829-5840.


  • John T. Gupton, Nakul Telang, Xin Jia, Benjamin C. Giglio, James E. Eaton, Peter J. Barelli, Mona Hovaizi, Kayleigh E. Hall, R. Scott Welden, Matthew J. Keough, Eric F.Worrall, Kara L. Finzel, Emily J. Kluball, Rene P.F. Kanters, Timothy M. Smith, Stanton Q. Smith, Shane R. Nunes†, Mathew T. Wright†, and Jennifer M. Birnstihl “Further studies on vinamidinium salt amine exchange reactions, borohydride reductions, and subsequent transformations.”  Tetrahedron, 2010, 66, 8485-8493.
  • Mathew T. Wright, David G. Carroll, Timothy M. Smith and Stanton Q. Smith “Synthesis of alkylpyrroles by use of a vinamidinium salt.” Tetrahedron Letters 2010, 51, 4150-4152.