Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, Ph.D.

Application for Burress International Study & Internship

Cadets: Please forward all application materials in one packet to Mrs. Janet Cummings, Department of Modern Languages.  Each packet should contain:

1) the application

2) the essays

3) recommendations in a sealed envelope

Cadets are responsible for ensuring that all packets are complete. Cadets are permitted to apply for all scholarships, but may not receive funds from any one scholarship more than once.  

Please note!  If you have received Burress Funds in the past, we ask that you NOT reapply so that we may share these funds with cadets who have not had the opportunity to study abroad.   We also request that anyone studying abroad AFTER graduation not apply for these funds.  Thank you. 

Date  ___________

A. PERSONAL INFORMATION. (Please complete and include two completed recommendation forms with your application) 

NAME _________________ CLASS ______ MAJOR __________ VMI P.O. BOX ______

Other areas of concentration, such as minor(s), double major, honors work.

ROTC: Army - Air Force - Navy - Marine Corps - None (circle one)

Grade Point Average: Last Semester __________ Cumulative _________

Have you ever been on Academic Probation?   ________ yes,_________ no (if yes, explain)

Have you ever been on Conduct Probation or received a number one?  ___ yes, ____; no (if yes, explain)

Have you gone or studied abroad before?  If so, please include details.

 Please list the names of two persons writing your recommendations: 

  1. _________________
  2. _________________ 

Are you a citizen of the USA?  If not, please click here and submit all information, copies of passport and visa with your application: Tax information for foreign nationals 


Location _________________________ Dates _______________________

Name of Specific Program ________________________________________

Have you applied for this program?  ______yes,______no

Have you been accepted? ______yes, _____no

List the courses that you plan to take.

C.  At the donor's request, The Burress International Study and Internship Fund is based partially on Corps presence, leadership roles, and extracurricular activities.   Please list your specific activities in these areas. 

  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________
  4. _________________
  5. _________________
  6. _________________
  7. _________________
  8. _________________
  9. _________________
  10. _________________

D. The Burress International Study and Internship Fund is based on academic excellence, Corps presence, and excellence of character. Please write an essay of 500 words in which you demonstrate how you qualify for this grant. Also, please include how your study abroad plans may be affected if you do not receive a Burress grant. 


Estimate your expenses for:                Tuition and Fees____________________

                                                             Transportation ____________________

                                                              Room and Board ____________________

                                                              Total               _____________________

Resident:______Virginia  ______ Out-of-State

Financial Aid at VMI? _____Yes    _____No

Type: _______ Scholarship (Check all that apply)

_______ Merit Scholarship

_______ Institute Scholars Program

_______ State Cadet

_______ Departmental

_______ College Work Study

_______ Athletic Scholarship in ______________________________

_______ Student Loan

_______ ROTC

_______ Bank Loan 
F.  Click here for recommendation forms  

Certified _______________________________

Printed Name of Applicant __________________