Records Management Training

We provide in-person consultation and records management training upon request. The Library of Virginia has a number of useful online resources, including short training videos that cover the most important topics regarding retention and destruction of records. 

Contact Maj. Jeffrey Kozak to schedule a training session. 

Online Training Videos

The State Records Management Division has created a series of videos which cover the most frequently requested topics.  These include understanding public records, using the records retention schedules database, and filling out the certificate of records destruction.

(Disregard the video "Transferring Archival Records to LVA", since VMI - along with other state colleges & universities - has its own archival program. Permanent records are transferred to the VMI Archives.)


Filling out the Certificate of Records Destruction Form

What is a Public Record?  

Introduction to the Virginia Public Records Act

An Overview of Records Destruction

Using the General Schedules Searchable Database

Destroying Electronic Records

Other Useful Links

Guide to the Public Records Act

Records Decision Tree. 

Tips - Managing Email.

Timely Destruction of Records

Virginia Public Records Management Manual

Electronic Records Guidelines