Transfer Records to Archives

Transfers must meet one of these conditions: 


The legal retention period has expired and you would like us to handle confidential document shredding. The records must be eligible for immediate disposal, and you must complete a certificate of records destruction  and submit it for approval when you initiate a transfer. Only material that requires confidential destruction should be sent for shredding. (The Archives does not handle shredding for ROTC departments in Kilbourne Hall).


You have inactive or retired records of long term historical or administrative significance that must be retained permanently. These archival records will be preserved in the VMI Archives, provided they meet the criteria for permanent retention. Consult the Head of Archives in advance of any transfer.  Transferred archival records must be well organized and include an inventory. 

Preparation for Shredding

Remove large metal binder clips, 3 ring binders, hanging files, plastic containers, computer disks or other electronic media, or any other large non-paper objects. Paper clips and staples do not need to be removed.  Be sure to follow the instructions for completing a certificate of records destruction

Records Transfer Instructions

Please help us by following this procedure

  • If you have a large amount of material,  request transfer boxes from Archives by calling Mary Laura Kludy @7516 or sending us an email . We will have Physical Plant deliver empty boxes to your office.  Each box will hold approximately 1/2 file cabinet drawer. Please do not use your own boxes (e.g. old photocopy paper boxes etc.); the archival boxes we send to you are designed to fit on our shelving.
  • Do not overfill boxes - if you can't lift the box and easily place it on a shelf, it is too heavy. The lid should fit normally on the box and folders should be able to slide in and out without tearing.
  • Affix a removable box label (a typed document securely taped under the box handle is acceptable) that provides the following information: Your name, office, box contents summary, status of material (e.g., for shredding).  Do no use permanent markers to label boxes.
  • Do not mix permanent records with records scheduled for disposal.  If you are sending both types, they must be in separate boxes and clearly labeled.
  • If you are transferring permanent records, include a folder list (with inclusive dates of material) or similar inventory which will allow us to quickly identify and catalog the records.  For example, a folder might be named "Annual Reports, 1980-1989." Please email the inventory to MAJ Jeffrey Kozak as an electronic document in addition to placing a printed copy in the box. Do not send unorganized files or multiple duplicates of documents or publications.
  • Put in a work order to Physical Plant to have the filled boxes delivered back to the VMI Archives, 400B, Preston Library. 
  • Copy on your work order submission, so that we have notification of incoming records.


  • The Archives is not a recycling center. You may transfer records under the circumstances listed at the top of this document. If your records have met their retention period but do not require confidential destruction, they do not need to be transferred.  Simply follow the instructions for completing the Certificate of Records Destruction and wait to receive approval before proceeding with the disposal.  We reserve shredding services for material that requires confidential destruction.
  • Transferred permanent files should be well organized and properly identified. 
  • Do not send reference materials, multiple copies of old publications, vendor catalogs, or similar items.  These materials can be recycled/discarded without filling out a Certificate of Records Destruction.
  • Please do not use permanent markers on archival boxes.