Virginia Museum of the Civil War

Civil War Day Camp

Where 257 Cadets from VMI made the difference

The Virginia Museum of the Civil War (VMCW), Bushong Farm, and self-guided battlefield tour provide many opportunities to reflect upon the social and military struggle which changed the course of American history.

All areas of the park are within easy walking distance of the VMCW over relatively flat, grass covered ground. Allow time to explore the grounds and facilities, about two or three hours.

Begin your exploration of the battlefield at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War. Artifacts and dioramas convey the story of Virginia in the Civil War. Features of this museum include: Stained Glass Window depicting the war in the Shenandoah Valley by abstract artist Ami Shamir; the Emmy Award-winning film, “Field of Lost Shoes” and the Virginia Room, which chronicles the war in Virginia.

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 Please help us preserve the site by respecting the buildings, cannon, plants and animals. During your visit watch for wildlife that make their home in the Park.

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