Structural Engineering is the understanding of material properties and static and dynamic forces that affect structures built on a framework of concrete, steel, wood, and other materials. Structural engineering is the basis for anything that is built.

Suggested Course Selection for Civil Engineering Subdiscipline Concentration in Structural Engineering:

  • CE302 Dynamics (ESE I)
  • CE327 Concrete Design (required) 
  • CE402 Structural Mechanics (ESE II)
  • CE423 Structural Steel Design (DE)
  • CE428 Topics is Structural Design (DE)
  • CE429 Advanced Structural theory (TE)
  • GE306 Engineering Geology (BSE)
  • 3 open Technical Electives or Independent Research

DE = Design Elective

TE = Technical Elective

ESE = Engineering Science Elective (I, II)

NSE = Natural Science Elective

The technical electives selected from within the Civil and Environmental Department must meet the following distribution requirements:

  • 6 credits of Design Elective from CE403, CE408, CE415, CE423, CE428, CE436
  • 4 credits of Natural Science Elective from GE306 or BI101
  • 3 credits of Engineering Science Elective I from CE302, CE412, ME311, EE351
  • 3 credits of Engineering Science Elective II from CE401, CE402, CE404, CE406, CE429, other EE or ME 300 or 400 level courses
  • 12 credits of other technical electives from above or CE437, CE443, CE455-460, CE461

Regardless of the specific concentration or course mix selected, graduates of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.