About Our Graduates

This page contains information about our IS graduates and where they are working just after graduation.

A note to IS grads: Email us and let us know what you are doing:  InterStudies@vmi.edu

Young, Ryan R. - Since graduation, Ryan completed two years as a Youth & Families Development volunteer for the Peace Corps in the Ecuadorian Amazon and an additional period as a trainer for new volunteers.  Following his service, he earned a Master's in Science from George Mason University in Peace Operations Policy and began working for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  Currently, he's representing USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives as the Regional Command-East Platform Representative in Bagram, Afghanistan coordinating stabilization programming between military and civilian organizations in key terrain districts.

David M. Beehler '05 - graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom with Masters of Science in International and European Politics in 2006.  He commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp on 30 November 2007 and holds a primary 0402 Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) in Logistics, and a secondary 0477 MOS as an Expeditionary Logistics Instructor.  He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009, and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012.  From July 2015 to July 2016, he deployed to the Kingdom of Bahrain where he served as the Command Element 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade G-4 Operations Officer, and supported training exercises in United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Kuwait, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and operations in support of US and Marine Forces against ISIS/ISIL in Northern Iraq, and against Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.  He recently attained the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in Marine Corps Martial Arts. 08/16

Joseph B. Call '05 - Systems Administrator at the Reagan Missile Test site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  10/07

Ryan Consaul '04 - MA National Security Affairs University of Kentucky. Working as an analyst with the Government Accountability Office. 5/06

Richard Lalomia '04 - working on masters in public administration John Jay College.

Ryan Walker '04 - working on JD at FSU College of Law. Works at a law firm in Tallahassee, FL. Married. Hoping to return to Richmond, VA upon graduation. 5/06

Dan Goldberg '03 - final year of law school at South Texas College of Law, Houston, TX. 5/06

"Trey" Guy '03 - Army officer currently stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY as a Battery Commander.  11/07

David Nagel '03 - post-graduate internship with CBS News. Currently Staff for Senate Committee on Foreign Relations as assistant to the Director of Protocol and Foreign Travel. 5/06

Rusty Thompson '03 - worked as an Arabic translator in Egypt, then at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC. Has joined the Army in military intelligence, entering OCS soon. 5/06

Trey Hickman '02 - obtained MS in Information and Telecommunication Systems for Business at Johns Hopkins. Employed by BAE Systems supporting system engineering work for DoD and Intelligence Community organizations.  12/07

Andy Tsarukyan '02 - passed the CA Bar Exam in 2008 and is employed as a Deputy Attorney with the California Department of Transportation.

Charles de Courcel '01 - MA in International Relations at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, France. Working as an investment banker with UBS in New York City. 3/06

Andrew Bannenberger '01 - High school and adult English teacher in Taiwan. Studying Mandarin and plans to attend graduate school in East Asian Affairs. 5/06

Brian Frank '01 - Working for the Peace Corps in the Ukraine 10/03

Kevin Fromm '01 - Graduated from George Mason University in 2013 with MA in Political Science (International Relations).   I am serving in the U.S. Army as a Force Management (Functional Area 50) Officer.  Moving from 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) G8 at Fort Bragg, NC to Headquarters, Department of the Army G8 at the Pentagon in the summer of 2017. 1/17

Thomas Graham '01 - Currently working as an intern at the White House 12/01

James Shircliffe '01 - Working on a Master in Strategic Intelligence at American Military University. Currently an intelligence analyst at the National Counter Terrorism Center. 5/06

Chad Brady '00 - Master of Theology Dallas Theological Seminary 2004. Currently Pastor of Capron Baptist Church, Capron, VA. 5/06

Gregory Fedor '00 - MA International Security Policy and Middle East Studies Columbia University 2005. Now a senior consultant at Booz, Allen, Hamilton. 5/06

Craig Giorgis '00 - Marine artillery officer. Currently working to develop tactics and doctrine for new artillery rocket system that the Marine Corps will purchase. 5/06
Robert C. Mason '00 - founder of Mason Fest/May Sun Fest at VMI; working in International Investment Banking for Beal Bank in Dallas Texas; getting married in April 2001 10/00

Adam Pool '00 - works for the FBI. 5/06

Jim Powell '00 - works with Young Life outreach ministry in Lexington, VA. 5/06

Billy Pribble '00 - MA International Commerce and Policy GMU 2005. Project Manager for Alabama Interactive, manages internet projects with the state and establishes new relationships with government agencies. 5/06

Joel Christenson '99 - married May 2000, finishing M.A. at Patterson School of Diplomacy & research associate with the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, VA 10/00

Christopher A. Colbow ’99 - Masters in Public Policy, George Mason University.  Currently a Deputy Executive Secretary, U.S. Agency for International Development and Major, U.S. Air Force Reserves.  Married, lives in Alexandria, VA, and the proud father of two daughters.  

Charles S. Faulkner '99 - Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies from US Naval War College. With the State Department since 2003, currently an advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs. 5/06

John Garneski '99 - Masters of Public Policy Johns Hopkins 2004. Works as a Budget Analyst for Fairfax County. 5/06

Matt Irving '99 - works for Xerox in the Richmond, VA area. 5/06

Ben Kinkaid '99 - MA Latin American Studies Georgetown. Currently an intelligence analyst with SRA International, a DC-based government contracting company. 5/06

Alex Marrone '99 - Korea North of the DMZ, a platoon leader in C Company 1st of the 506th IN at Camp Greaves which is currently the most forward deployed unit in the military 10/00

Mike McDermott '99 - commissioned in the Army as an infantry officer. 5/06

Hunter Phelps '99 - Currently assigned to the 1-4 Cavalry Squadron (Schweinfurt Germany) finishing his purgatory time in staff, and moving to a tank platoon 9/00

Conor Powel '99 - working in Richmond for the Dept of Technology/VIPNet (Virginia Information Providers Network) 9/00

Michael Purdy '99 - finishing MA in International Relations at Yale; interned summer '00 with the United Nations Development Program in D.C.; currently in the U.S. Navy Reserve as an ensign in the intell service 10/00

Martin Ratigan '99 - currently the Executive Officer for the Air Defense Battery for 1st Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment stationed at FT Irwin CA, the National Training Center, goes to the field for two weeks out of the month to train Armed Force's aviators & he lives in the Mojave Desert 2/01

Jason L. Smith '99 - MBA Averett College 2001. Senior District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America 4/06

Jeff Sprague '99 - left the Air Force in 2003. Currently in the final semester of law school at Louisiana State University. 5/06

Patrick Stutts '99 - JD Campbell University School of Law 2003. Lives in Mooresville, NC and practices law.

Jason Trubenbach '99 - Army Transportation Platoon Leader in the 28th Transportation Battalion in Mannheim, Germany, which is a Line-Haul Truck Unit that delivers general cargo and U.S. mail all over Germany 10/03

Joey Bates '98 - currently at UNC working on MBA with concentration in accounting. Works for Harris Teeter developing automated ordering system. 5/06

David M. Benedick '98 - MBA Georgetown 2003. Currently a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 5/06

Juan Carlos de los Reyes '98 - working for Palm Beach Post in South Florida as a sports writer 9/00

Eric J. Iannelli '98 - MS in Print Journalism from Boston Univ. , currently working as a freelance copywriter, a reviewer of books (Times Literary Supplement and Rain Taxi), and editor-at-large for Copper Press magazine. Resides in Germany. 05/06

Mark Glancy '98 - a lieutenant in the Coast Guard, presently Commanding Officer of the USCGC Sitkinak in Miami Beach, FL. 5/06

Carl Hallen '98 - served six years in the Marine Corps, now a captain in the Reserves. Currently Business Development Manager for National Air Cargo, Inc. 5/06

Terry Maguire '98 - working as a contractor at the Office of Strategic Relations at the Missile Defense Agency in the Department of Defense in Washington D.C. 10/03

David Nash '98 - started the Tidewater Regional Fire Academy in Va. Beach and that will last until mid December '98. Notes that he is planning on incorporating, which will bring him into the world of self-employment 2/99

Chad Novacek '98 - Taught English in the Peace Corps in China. Working on MA in China Studies at Johns Hopkins, anticipated graduation May '07 6/06

2LT Kevin Trujillo '98 - currently at the Armor Officer Basic Course at Ft. Knox, KY and will be stationed in Korea upon completion of the course.2/99

Dave Willey '98 - currently in first year of law school at University of Pittsburgh. 5/06

Blair Gregory '97 - currently a Probation and Parole Officer for the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the Norfolk Office which is the second largest district in the State 10/00

John Jenkins '97 - assumed the duties as Director of Parent Relations for the Virginia Military Institute on June 1, 1998. 10/98

Kihwan Kim '97 - returned to Korea, currently interpretation officer for a commanding general in the First Republic of Korea Army . 9/00

Tyler Moore '97 - His reserve unit has kept him very busy since he graduated from the "I", and he is also working two jobs: full time as a hotel Security Officer and as a Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor at a local health club in Alaska. 7/98

Scott Saunders '97 - works for BB&T out of Richmond as an institutional equity salesman. 5/06

Jim Smythers '97 - Recently finished MBA at Georgetown University; currently living and working in Washington DC as a senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc 10/03

Mark Turner '97 - joined the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer after serving eight years in the Army.  Currently posted to Nepal, he previously served in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Jim Wrenn '97 - Graduated Harvard Law with Honors see more about Jim 10/03

Garrett Pack '90 - MA International Studies GWU 1996. Works in international marketing for Verizon. Writing a book on alcohol in American society since Prohibition ended. 4/06

Brad Davis '91 - MA International Relations University of Delaware 1995. Currently, work for a private investment group. 4/06

Roger A Jarrell, II '91 - JD W&L 2004. An attorney with Allen, Guthrie, McHugh & Thomas, PLLC Charleston, WV. General and commercial, civil litigation. 4/06

Steve Kosoff '91 - Department of the Navy civil servant at USJFCOM Joint Warfighting Center planning communications circuits for large joint exercises. 4/06

Jason Carrico '92 - MA Organizational Management University of Phoenix, working on Masters of Military Arts and Science School of Advanced Military Studies, Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Army major. 4/06

Alan Hill '92 - Raleigh division president for Shea Homes, a national homebuilder. 4/06

Stephen Morris '92 - MA International Transactions GMU 1995. Working on Ph.D. Bio-Defense GMU. USAF Reserves. 4/06

Lawrence Nevel '92 - MS Knowledge Management National Defense University and GMU. LTCDR in the Navy. Director of Combat Identification Capabilities Organization at the Pentagon. 4/06

Jeff Zeigler '92 - Founder and president of www.newmarketit.com and www.computerresale.com 4/06

Charles Sternberg '93 - MBA College of William and Mary 1998. Served three years in the Navy, now an underwriting manager for business insurance with The Hartford. 5/06

Charles Dittmer '93 - MS Defense and Strategic Studies 1995. Currently with the Department of Homeland Security, Buffalo, NY. 4/06

Clinton Eanes '93 - Operations Officer for S-3B Viking squadron onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt, and country Engagement Office for UAE. 4/06

Thomas Michalow '93 - teaches German language and European history. 4/06

John Moore '93 - MA in Law and Diplomacy Tufts University 2002. Currently in Baghdad as part of IFES EVER Project. A resident of Australia. 4/06

Kevin Roop '93 - manager of the Vail/Beaver Creek Ski & Snowboard School. Travel around the world teaching skiing. 4/06

Michael M. Wallace '93 - Retired from the Navy after 20 years as a Surface Warfare and Intelligence Officer.  Presently, I am Director of the Homeland Security Program at Tulane University.  Received an MA from Tulane in International Studies and an MA in history from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

John Weeda '93 - Works for JPMorgan in institutional transaction services. 4/06

Dale E. Hybl '94 - MS Strategic Intelligence Joint Military Intelligence College 2002. Air Force intelligence officer. 4/06

Tim Lyon '94 - MA Information Resources Management Central Michigan University 2001. Currently a major in the USAF, instructing on the B-52. 4/06

Aric Southworth '94 - MS Public Administration Central Michigan University. Political Science instructor at USAFA. 4/06

James Tynan '94 - Federal law enforcement as a postal inspector. Investigates crimes such as identity theft, robberies, burglaries, and drugs with relation to the mail. 4/06

Joseph B. Call '95 - Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Science VCU 2003. Currently a systems administrator at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. 4/06

D. Hayden Fisher '95 - JD W&L 1999. Partner in Schaffer & Cabell, PC in Richmond, VA. The practice involves civil litigation. 4/06

Brian Kellner '95 - MA Public Administration University of Oklahoma 2003. Marine Corps officer, currently operations officer for Marine Air Control Squadron 24 in Virginia Beach. 4/06

Curt Bourn '96 - commercial pilot for Jetblue Airways after nine years active duty USN. Also currently serving in the Naval Reserves. 4/06

Kevin Faust '96 - M.Ed University of Massachusetts. Air Force intelligence officer for eight years. Currently Assistant Commandant at VMI. 4/06

J.A. Glaccum '96 - JD Georgetown '03. Four years US Army. Currently an Associate in Mergers & Acquisitions for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP in Washington, DC. 6/06

Christian Hoff '96 - MA Public Administration GMU. Vice President of Business Development for Defense Programs & Systems at Anteon Corporation International. 4/06

Christopher R. Jones '96 - active duty Air Force for five years. Currently First Officer at US Airways Express and Tennessee ANG.

Chris Powell '96 - MBA Regis University 2004. Eight years in the Navy, including ROTC Instructor at VMI. Currently employed with the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C.

James Tinguely '96 - Working on MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University. Six years in the army. Currently marketing product manager with Tyco Healthcare. 4/06