Health and Safety

VMI has a fully trained and certified Police Department which provides for the safety and security of the Institute 24-hours a day.

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The Center for Cadet Counseling offers free, confidential, individual counseling to help cadets address personal and interpersonal concerns or stressors.

The Infirmary offers all the services usually found at a private doctor's office in addition to needs specific to VMI.  The Infirmary is open and staffed by a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the regular academic year. 

VMI is committed to informing the community of an emergency, disaster or potential disaster immediately upon determining the nature of the emergency.

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The Inspector General's office receives reports of alleged violations of Title IX, Title VI, and Title VII Acts.  The reports are resolved or investigated, with the office recommending corrective actions to the appropriate authorities.

The Chaplain's office serves as a point of contact for cadets with religious concerns and as a resource for the counseling needs of cadets, regardless of religious affiliation.