• Passionate about exploring the natural world
  • Captivated by molecular beauty and reactions
  • Focused on generating new knowledge for the benefit of mankind
  • Determined to train the next generation of scientific, corporate, government, and military leaders

Student Research

Nearly all chemistry majors participate in research projects at some point in their undergraduate careers. The faculty feels strongly that an undergraduate research experience is the best way to prepare today’s graduates and foster an enthusiasm for science and life long learning. Students perform research under the direction of faculty and their work often produces journal articles in peer-reviewed publications.


Pre-med/Pre-Health:  Chemistry is a perfect choice and our Concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will ensure you are prepared for advanced studies in medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, and a wide array of health fields.

FBI/CIA:  The Chemistry degree coupled with a minor in International Studies or Science and Security will give you technical scientific training along with a well-developed understanding of national and international policy.

Pilot/Nuclear Officer/Intelligence:  Our Armed Forces need officers with significant “brain training.” A degree from VMI Chemistry will make you fit for choice career slots!

Chemical Engineering/Environmental Scientist: A degree from VMI Chemistry will prepare you to enter a Chemical/Environmental company right out of college, or enable you to pursue an advanced degree. Contact VMI Chemistry ( for specifics regarding a M.S. in Chemical or Environmental Engineering.

Materials Science:  Nanotechnology, Liquid Crystals, or Polymers spark your interest? While at VMI Chemistry you’ll learn the basics and have a chance to conduct original research in Materials Science propelling you into this fascinating field.

Chemistry or Biochemistry:  Our graduates routinely go on to earn advanced degrees in Chemistry or Biochemistry from the best schools and enjoy employment at National Labs, Chemical companies, or as Professors.

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