Members and Composition

The Chair of the Equity Committee is the Chief of Staff, and reports to the Superintendent and the Institute Planning Committee (IPC).

Members assist in the ongoing effort to identify any policy, practice, activity, behavior, or situation that may be contrary to the goal of achieving and sustaining equity among VMI employees.

Each functional area of VMI is represented on the Equity Committee. Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact a committee member.  

Members Office Ext. Email
Inman, Jamie  Chief of Staff 7104  
Ewald, Sandra Human Resources 7322
Boobar, Jeff  Inspector General 7072
Hudson, Jim Military Store 7303
Idewu, Wakeel Civil Engineering  7409
Jacob, Diane Archives 7566
Jennings, Mike Physical Plant 7040
Newman, Megan Sponsored Programs 7254
Perry, Christopher Assistant Commandant 7326  
Spalding, Phil  Information Technology 7713