Amanda H. Hostetter
Office Manager

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103 Shell Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA 24450

The following rules will govern occupancy and use of the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) at 301 Letcher Avenue, and the senior member of the faculty or staff occupying a room in these quarters is charged with enforcement.

The rules have been established to protect property and promote harmony among faculty and staff members living in the quarters and their neighbors. 

  1. All conditions set forth in the current VMI Housing Policy and Regulations apply to the Bachelor Officers Quarters. 

  2. The senior officer, or that officer designated by the Superintendent, assigned a room in the BOQ is responsible for the enforcement of House Rules and with maintaining general standards of good deportment, and will report violations to the Director of Auxiliary Services.

  3. Each room occupant in the BOQ will sign a memorandum receipt for the furniture and equipment with which his or her room is furnished. Upon departure from the quarters, the occupant will receive the memorandum receipt from the Office of the Director of Buildings and Grounds only after all items of property signed for are returned to the Institute in good condition, or arrangements for payment for or replacement of damaged or loss property have been made to the Director or Buildings and Grounds. Occupants may use their own furniture if they wish but must account for Institute property. 

  4. Care will be exercised preventing damage to walls, floors, and furniture and furnishings in all parts of the house. Writings and markings will not be made on walls nor will any articles be affixed to walls in a manner that will cause serious damage or soiling. 

  5. All occupants of the BOQ are reminded that the location of the BOQ is one of high visibility to both cadets and the general public. Because of it’s prominent position and because it is known as a residence for VMI faculty and staff members, the highest standards of decorum and restraint are expected of all occupants assigned.

  6. Being a good neighbor is important. All occupants must respect study, rest, others rights to privacy and the expectation of an environment conducive to work and rest. Loud noise and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated. 

  7. Guest visitation during the work week (Monday thru Friday) will end at 2300 hours in the building common areas. 

  8. Guest of the opposite sex are not permitted in rooms of occupants, but are permitted in lounges and common rooms. 

  9. The use of illegal drugs is against VMI policy and will result in immediate termination of the lease, revocation of the privilege of living in the BOQ. 

  10. Smoking is discouraged in the building and is not permitted in any common area. All occupants will take every due precaution preventing damage to the furniture and the house from fire. Cooking in rooms is not permitted due to fire safety considerations. 

  11. Parking is permitted in the rear of the house only. The House Manager has the authority to assign parking spaces to occupants. 

  12. The BOQ is Off Limits to cadets. Cadets in the Corps of Cadets will not be allowed to enter the BOQ at any time. 

  13. Custodial service provided by the Institute is limited to general cleaning of the common rooms. Occupants are responsible for maintaining their own quarters as well as washing their own dishes after using the kitchen. 

  14. Pets are not permitted in the house. 

  15. Failure to show due consideration to other tenants or violation of VMI regulations will result in termination of assignment to Institute Quarters. 

  16. All rooms are subject to occasional health and welfare inspections done by designated representatives of the Office of Auxiliary Services. When these inspections are conducted the designated BOQ Senior Officer will be asked to accompany the inspecting official. 

  17. All occupants will post a calling card or three by five card on their door with their name, office, and office phone number listed.