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Understanding Colleague Account Number


In order to understand your budget report it will be helpful if you have a fairly good understanding of the Colleague account number that is assigned to each of your individual accounts. A breakdown, by component, of the Colleague Account number is as follows:

 11 - 22 - 333 - 44444 - 5555


(11) - FUND - The first two digits of your account number represents the type FUND (state or local) the account is. If your account number begins with a 1 or a 2 it’s a state account. If it begins with a 3 or a 4 it’s a local account.

(22) - FUND SOURCE - The second set of digits represents the FUND SOURCE. This is used to identify state funds. The most commonly used fund sources are 03 (State-Educational & General funds), 08 (State-Auxiliary funds), and 07 (State-Unique Military Activity funds). If the account is a local fund it’s assigned a value of 00.

(333) - PROGRAM - The third set of digits identifies the PROGRAM that the account is associated with. For example, 011 identifies an instructional account.

(44444) - COST CENTER - The fourth component of the account number is the COST CENTER. This five-digit number represents the department responsible for the account and the name of the account. If you will notice all the accounts for your department begin with the same two numbers, this identifies your department. The 3rd through 5th digits are assigned to represent the name of the individual account.

(5555) - OBJECT - The fifth and final component of the account number is the OBJECT code. The OBJECT code represents the type of transaction occurring within the account. For example, an object code beginning with a "4" is a revenue transaction and an object code beginning with a "5" represents an expenditure transaction.


VMI utilizes the budget "pooling" feature of Colleague. This means that expenditure budgets are loaded into a budget pool object code. This allows departments the flexibility to spend their departmental funds as they choose, within disbursement and account restrictions, instead of budgeting at a line item level.

There are only two budget pool object codes at VMI and every account has one of these codes assigned to it. Object code 5300, which represents a Non-personal services budget and object code 5001 which represents a Total account budget. 5300, the NON-PERSONAL SERVICE budget code means that only non-personal service items may be spent from it. 5001 is a TOTAL ACCOUNT budget. This means that all expenditures, personal services and non-personal services, will be deducted from this budget. All Institute accounts, state and local, are subject to the guidelines established in the Colleague Finance Departmental Manual.