Our Offices

Accounts Payable 
Handles all disbursements, state and local, made on behalf of the Institute. This includes the Master Card small purchase and travel charge cards.

Cash Receipts 
Checks may be cashed in the Student Accounting Office, Smith Hall, Room 310. Government and personnel checks may be cashed, with proper identification. 

Fixed Assets
The Fixed Assets office ensures that fixed assets are acquired, controlled, accounted for and disposed of in the best interest of the Institute.

Colleague Finance General Ledger & Reporting 
The Colleague Finance General Ledger holds financial information for all state and local Institute accounts. The system uses a 16-digit account number to record and report on all financial transactions for the Institute.


Student Accounting 

VMI will reimburse individuals traveling on official institute business. Section 40000 of the Colleague Finance System Departmental Manual provides travel policies and procedures that must be followed.