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Travel FAQs

What are my per diem rates when I travel out-of-country?When traveling out-of-country you must contact the Comptroller’s Office. Provide the dates of travel and destination we will fax a request to Richmond - with a response within 24 hours.

When do I complete a travel authorization?Every time you travel for the Institute you must complete a travel authorization form prior to departure.

What travel agencies are we authorized to use?Travel UnlimitedMartin Travel and Enterprise Travel 

What are per diems and how do they apply to my trip?Per Diems are predetermined reimbursement amounts that cover meal and other incidental expenses. The rate varies depending on destination of travel. (See per diem guideline chart) If the city where you are travelling to is not listed in the chart, the standard rate will apply. When computing the per diem you receive 75% of the rate the day you leave and the day you return, regardless of the departure and return times.

What are "incidental charges"?Incidental charges are tips, taxes, personal telephone calls, laundry and transportation to where meals are taken.

Can a traveler go above the lodging rate and if so how do you get an exception?You may exceed the lodging rate only if justification is provided and an exception is obtained prior to the trip. The state will allow a 50% overage if we can justify the reason. The most common exception example involves conference hotels. Often by staying at the conference site, even with a higher lodging rate, the traveler can avoid rental car or other local transportation charges. To request an exception complete and submit a Lodging Exception Form.

How do I get a Master Card Travel card? What are the rules governing the card?If you travel more than twice a year you can apply for a Master Card. Contact the Comptroller’s Office and we will provide you an application. Complete the application and return to us. We will notify you when the card ives at our office. After you have received the card it is your personal obligation each month to see that the card is paid in full. The card is for your use when traveling for the institute and is not to be used for personal use. The cardholder is responsible for completing travel reimbursements and paying the card balance in full each month.

Can I be reimbursed for meals on a day trip? What is a business meal and what is needed to be reimbursed for the meal?Meals for day trips are reimbursable only if your travel puts you in an overtime status. To be reimbursed for breakfast, you must depart prior 6:00 AM. In order to be reimbursed for supper, you must return home after 7:00 PM. A chart detailing the overtime meal rates is available on the web site. Lunch is not reimbursable.

What is a business meal and what is needed to be reimbursed for the meal?A business meal will involve substantive and bona fide business discussion and most often involves at least one individual from outside VMI. Business meal; reimbursements must be approved by either the Superintendent or his designee – the Business Executive. When requesting reimbursement, you must provide names of people present and the purpose of the meal. You must also provide a detailed receipt from the restaurant.