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Where to Recycle

In Barracks, all recycling must be placed in the Recycling Rooms located on each stoop.

Everywhere else on Post

Mixed Paper

Many VMI employees have green desk-side recycling bins for mixed paper. The employee is responsible for emptying the desk-side bin into a larger bin at the nearest recycling station. 
Most buildings on Post have one or more recycling stations located in hallways or meeting rooms. If you do not know where the nearest recycling station is, contact your building coordinator.
Clear plastic bags of shredded paper should be placed next to the recycling station.
 Paper is picked up regularly by Physical Plant personnel. 

Bottles & Cans

Bottles, cans, and other rigid containers should be placed directly into the labeled bin at the nearest recycling station. If you do not know where the nearest recycling station, contact your building coordinator. Desk-side bottle & can recycling bins can be provided upon request; however, the employee is responsible for emptying the desk-side bin into the larger bin at the nearest recycling station.
Bottles & cans are picked as needed by Physical Plant personnel.

Outdoor Collection 

Clear bags of recyclables are placed in one of the following recylcing dumpsters for City pick up:

  • Maury Brooke Hall loading dock
  • Marshall Hall/CLE rear loading area
  • Bookstore/Third Barracks rear loading area 
  • Between Cameron Hall and Foster Stadium
  • Kilbourne Hall near Foster Stadium
  • Crozet Hall rear loading area
  • Scott Shipp Hall next to Cocke Hall


Small amounts of flattened cardboard may be placed at the central mixed paper collection area. Large amounts of cardboard must be placed in a dedicated cardboard bin at one of the following locations: 

  • Behind Nichols Engineering
  • Behind the Bookstore/Third Barracks
  • At the Northeast end of Kilbourne Hall 


If you have a special event that will generate a large amount of recyclables, please contact Physical Plant for support.