About the VMI Police & Security

To enforce laws and post policy, serve and protect the corps of cadets, faculty/staff, alumni, visitors, prevent and detect criminal activity and to reduce the fear of crime through community partnerships.

VMI Map - Police Location

VMI maintains a professionally trained Police Department which is on duty 24 hours a day. However, authority within the barracks (which houses all cadets) and matters relating to cadet regulations come under the jurisdiction of the commandant of cadets and his staff. In addition, VMI maintains a 24-hour guard team responsible for supervision, safety, and control in and around barracks.

VMI provides full-service police protection to the campus community. Six full-time commissioned officers with comprehensive arrest powers, and one part-time officer, patrol the post 24 hours a day. Their authority, responsibility, and training are the same as required of any police officer in Virginia. Within their jurisdiction, which includes all Institute-owned, -leased, or -controlled property and the adjacent streets and sidewalks, VMI Police have the authority to enforce all regulations and laws, both of the Institute and of Virginia. They work closely with the Lexington Police Department, the Rockbridge County Sheriff's Department, and the local contingent of the Virginia State Police on incidents that occur off post.

VMI police officers are graduates of several state-affiliated regional criminal justice training academies, having completed a 720-hour police basic performance-based training program, and are required to complete 40 hours of in-service biennially. All are certified by the State Training Department of Criminal Justice Services as police officers and are trained in all phases of law enforcement, including the use of firearms. Officers carry standard-issue or approved firearms at all times and must maintain firearms proficiency through annual training, qualification, and certification at a local firing range.

The Corps of Cadets is governed by rules and regulations set forth in the VMI Blue Book, issued by the commandant's office, and by several student governing bodies including the Honor Court, the General Committee, and the Executive Committee. The 24-hour cadet guard team also enforces regulations on a daily basis. Safety and security procedures are set forth in the Blue Book. The VMI Police jurisdiction with regard to the Corps of Cadets arises in matters of civil law.

Location: 301 Letcher Ave., 200 Level BOQ

Police Chief: Michael L. Marshall

Emergency: 911 or 9-911

Central Dispatch: (540) 463-9177

Office Phone: (540) 464-7017