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VMI's Civil War Generals
Alexander C. Jones, Class of 1850

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  • Biographical Information
    • Early Life
      Alexander Caldwell Jones, 1830, Marshall County [West] Virginia. Parents: Garrison B. Jones and Martha Houston.
    • VMI record
      Enrolled at VMI on July 28, 1846; was graduated on July 4, 1850, standing 16th in a class of 17.
    • Marriage
      1st- Ella Clemens (1857) of Wheeling [West] Virginia; Issue- Clemens Ap-Catesby Jones; Minnie Clemens Jones.
      2nd- name unknown; one daughter
    • Pre-Civil War
      Studied law; District Attorney in Minnesota territory; probate judge, St. Paul, MN; Minnesota's first adjutant general (1858-1860)
    • Civil War
      Lt. Col. and Colonel, 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment; Chief of Staff to Generals Johnston, Magruder, Walker; resigned staff position to serve in field; promoted to Brigadier General; at end of war was in command of brigade in Texas.
    • Post-war
      Diplomat; U.S. Consul in Japan and China; died January 13, 1898 in China.