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Reuben Lindsay Walker, Class of 1845

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  • Biographical Information
    • Early Life
      Reuben Lindsay Walker, born Albemarle County, Virginia on May 29, 1827.
    • VMI record
      Entered VMI on September 5, 1842 and was graduated on July 4, 1845, standing 19th in a class of 20.
    • Pre-Civil War
      After graduating was a civil engineer and farmer; was engaged in farming in New Kent Co., Virginia when Civil War broke out.
    • Marriage
      married (1st) Maria Eskridge (d. 1854 leaving four sons) (2nd) Sally Elam, in 1857
    • Civil War
      Commissioned Captain, Purcell artillery battery, in 1861; promoted to Major in March 1862 and appointed A.P. Hill's Chief of Artillery; he served with Hill until the end of the war; promoted Lt. Col., Col., and finally (in Feb. 1865) Brigadier General.
    • Post-Civil War
      Farmer and civil engineer; died at his residence at Point of Fork, Virginia on June 7, 1890; buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.