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William McDowell Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What happened to Willie's gold watch ?
    The watch was never found. It, and other personal items that belonged to Cadet McDowell, could not be located after the Corps returned from New Market
  • I just read the Ghost Cadet.  Did everything in the book really happen?
    Although William McDowell was a real VMI cadet who fought and died at New Market,  the book is a work of fiction.  Facts about the real person are located on our Ghost Cadet site  
  • What was cadet life like during the war?
    See these online collections of cadet letters and diaries.
  • How old was the typical Civil War era cadet ?
    Although the ages ranged from 15 to 24, most cadets were between 17 and 21-- that is, very similar in age to today's college students.
  • How many cadets died in the battle ?
    Ten cadets were killed or died later as a result of their wounds. See this list for details.
  • Where can I find out about the Battle of New Market?
    We have many New Market resources on our website.
  • Where can I find a timeline of events at VMI during the Civil War?
    See this detailed chronology.