Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1849 June 12

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Date: 1849 June 12
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Ft. Hamilton, NY
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Fort Hamilton, N.Y. Harbor, June 12th/49
Dear Sister,

Doubtless you are expecting an answer to your last, and in truth, not without reason; as I have not written for more than two months. But my silence has not originated from your not replying to my former letters, but is due to other causes, such as weak eyes and pressure of business, as I have to discharge the duties of Quartermaster & Commissary in addition to my other company duties, and from such causes I have now a number of unanswered letters on hand.

I wish when practicable to write to you once every month, and I do not wish you to reply unless your eyes will admit of it without pain, because I prefer that your health should be preserved to any other Earthly consideration, and I hope that you will not strain your eyes on any account whatever. We can not appreciate our blessings unless deprived of them. My health is improving.

I forward to Mr. Arnold a catalogue of Harper's publications. If there is anything in it which he wishes, I hope that he will not fail to let me know. When you get possession of my books, I wish that you would retain them until I see you, or write relative to them.

I have not subscribed for Graham's magazine, but will do so if you desire. I merely sent a copy in order to see how you would like it. I hope to send you a copy or number(?) of the Lady's Book which some prefer to Graham's, though I can not say which is best, but when you shall have received it, you can judge for yourself.

I have received my commission as Brevet Major, and am gratified that you had an opportunity of doing Judge Lee a favor.

I sent a fifty dollar bank draft to Sylvanus White, with a request that he would pay Miss Caroline Norris a small sum, I think 2.50, 3.00 or 3.50 cts, which she let me have for the purpose of making a small purchase, which I did not make; and as I have heard nothing from him since, and as some months have elapsed, I fear that something may be wrong. I wish that you would ask Miss Eliza Norris about it, and if Sylvanus has not settled it, I wish that you would. If at any time, you should not receive an expected letter, try and make yourself easy, as in case of any accident happening to me, I have friends who would not fail to give the necessary information.

The Cholera in the city is on the decline. I have no dread of it as I believe that those who keep their system in a healthy state have but little to fear.

Your sincere brother
Mrs. L.A. Arnold

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