Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1850 April 24

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Date: 1850 April 24
Item: Letter
To: James M. Jackson (uncle)
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Ft. Hamilton, NY
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Fort Hamilton N.Y. Harbor
April 24, 1850

My Dear Uncle,

I have with pleasure received, and read your very kind letter, but it was a pleasure mingled with pain at seeing those passages, which spoke of the death of friends and relatives. Though the rumor of uncle Cummins' death may be true, yet I cannot believe it without further evidence. I shall write to California and try to ascertain. I hope that no decree will be obtained for settling his property, but should such authority be obtained, then will not some of his friends who have means come forward and prevent its sacrifice. Certainly if he has a friend, now it the time for its manifestation. You spoke of my giving assistance, but my pecuniary affairs are so arranged that I have not ten dollars in cash which I can call my own. There is no man on Earth, whom I would befriend sooner than Uncle Cummins. Let me know who have betrayed him and in what he has been betrayed, give me a full history of names and facts as soon as possible; and strain every nerve to prevent the granting of the decree. I expect to return home in the Fall, when I will see what can be done; though I fear that I will not be able to do any thing, but I can not tell what good luck I may meet with by that time.

I believe that I will leave my horse in the possession of McLean until then. I am in much better health then when we parted and hope through the blessings of a kind Providence soon to be restored to perfect health. I have not received a single line from California. I have a delightful station and hope to pass a pleasant Summer.

Remember me kindly to Aunt and other relatives and friends.

Your nephew
T.J. Jackson

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