Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1851 April 2

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Date: 1851 April 2
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Ft. Meade, FL
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Fort Meade Fla.
April 2nd 1851
My Dear Sister,

Your affectionate letter has been received, and read with much pleasure. I should think from the character of them, (the last few) that your health has improved very much; although you do not say so in so many words.

I have hopes of being able to live near you for a while. I received a letter from Col. Smith, the Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, in which he kindly offers to present my name to the Board of Visitors in June next, as a candidate for the Professorship in Natural and Experimental Philosophy in the Institute. I have accepted his offer; but am unable to say whether I shall be elected. If I knew who would compose the Board, then I could form a better idea. If I have a few friends on it, my chance will probably be good. I consider the situation both conspicuous and desirable. I will be in about 150 or 160 miles from you, will have quarters, and receive twelve hundred dollars per year. Philosophy is my favorite subject. I hope through the blessings of Providence to succeed in securing the Post.

I have heard that the Hon. Joseph Johnson is to be our Governor. Is it Joseph Johnson of Harrison? if so I am much pleased, as he had befriended me on more than one occasion.

I believe that John Stringer will probably be on the Board of Visitors in June next. This information I received by yesterdays mail. Where does he live? I see that Mr. Carlisle has been making two speeches in the convention. I look upon him as one of the promising sons of Virginia. I hope before long to see him in Congress. I am much pleased at seeing cousin Wm. J. Jackson also in the Convention. Indeed I have some hopes that our ancient reputation may be revived.

I might have sent this letter sooner, but I designedly delayed it for to see if yesterday's mail (6th of April) would not enable me to give you some good news, but I did not receive the information which I was waiting for, but in my next I hope to be in possession of agreeable tidings for you, but I am not over sanguine.

I received a few days since, a very kind, and well-wishing letter from Genl. John J. Jackson. When I visit you, I want also to visit him. I find that I have many friends, indeed I have found that all to whom I apply for assistance are ready to give me a helping hand. The generals letter was particularly gratifying to me.

I shall not attempt a Theological discussion with you a present, hoping to see you during the present year, when I hope that you will have all of your questions and ideas prepared for the investigation of your brother.

Remember me very kindly to Mr. A., to Aunt White, to Uncle, Cousin John, Uncle Stalnaker and Col. Goff and other friends.

Your brother

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