Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1856 May 12

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Date: 1856 May 12
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
May 12th, 1856

My Dear Sister,

Thanks for your letter and excuse me for not having answered it sooner. I have been unsuccessful in procuring seed as our seed seller of last year did not bring them on this year. But the apothecary chanced to have a few on hand from which I have selected two papers. The assortment is very poor and small.

I wish that you would drop a note to Mr. Criss or to Cousin Elizabeth and see whether he could not see to putting up the stones at the graves of Father & Sister, and ask what they will come to including the cost of putting them up. And if you can get it attended to I will advance the money at any time for the purpose but before closing the terms let me know because if they are not as good as I can get elsewhere I had better have it done. But it appears to me that all the probabilities are in favor of getting it done cheaper in by Mr. Criss than I could get it done abroad from Clarksburg. I have not been able to ascertain the cost of railing for you but intend writing to Phil. about it. The railing around Ellie's grave was about one dollar and a half per foot.

Maggie left for Phil. last Saturday. I received a letter from Wirt in which he expresses his probable intention of going West again and I understand from his language that he means California; as he speaks of going over the plains or some such phraseology. I have been trying to find his letter but have not succeeded at this time. I fear that I will not get to Beverly this summer as I am very anxious to go direct to Washington City, & begin my work of finding out and locating land and as I may have much to do in the West in endeavoring to find out the best land all my time may be absorbed but I hope not, and trust that I shall get through in time to visit you.

Let me hear from you soon. I hope that Thomas has received my letter.

Your much attached brother,

We have had a great revival of religion here.

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