Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1858 June 19

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Date: 1858 June 19
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va.
June 19th 1858

My dear Sister,

Your letter & that of Grace reached me this morning and for a while I thought that I might be able to visit you previous to going North, but after more maturely considering my case, & all the circumstances, I am disposed to think that I had better go North first. My disease is not understood by my physicians here and I have nearly if not entirely lost my hearing in the right ear & my left ear is diseased, and my nose is internally affected. The first thing it appears to me should be to seek relief if it is to be had.

Write to me to N.Y. City, and tell Tom and Grace that they must write to me this summer also, as soon as I let you all know where my letters will reach me after leaving N.Y. City. Tell Grace that I am much obliged to her for her letter, and that she may expect me to answer it before a great while. As to Thomas' examination, I think Mr. Thomas can judge better of his qualifications than myself, though I wish that I could be with you all before his teacher leaves. I hope to be with you in the latter part of August.

I forwarded a check to Wirt for one hundred & five dollars on N.J. I had to pay a premium of one per cent for it and urged him to refund the money on the first of Sept. according to promise. If I had known that he had found his horse, I don't know that I should have sent him so much. I have need of all the money that I can command. When you write to him, tell him that he had better sell me one of his horses.

Anna joins me in much love to you & the children. Remember me to Mr. Thomas & his lady & to all enquiring friends.

Your affec. brother,

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