Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1860 May 7

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Date: 1860 May 7
Item: Letter
To: Grace Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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Lexington, Va
May 7, 1860
My dear Niece

Your letter came safely and gives me much pleasure to see how rapidly you progress in spelling. Every word of your letter was spelt correctly and I hope that all your words may always be treated as well those contained in your letter; for it is treating words badly to steal a letter from them, or to impose on them a letter which they don't want. You must look at Stark's letters when he writes them to his sweetheart especially. And to be more serious it would be a good plan for my sweet niece and nephews to examine each others letters when they contain no secrets, and in that way you will be very apt to find out all the counterfeit words which may be passing themselves off on any of you. Remember that there are a great many ways of spelling a word wrong, but there is only one way of spelling it right.

I intended to send you with this letter the pattern which you requested, but your aunt wrote in my last that you have the requested pattern at home. The weather is quite warm today. My peas are in bloom, they commenced blooming before the end of April. I hope that you have a fine garden. Write to me when ever you have leisure time. I am glad to see your teacher remaining with you. Your aunt joins me in love to you all. Your aunt's health is much improved.

Your affectionate uncle, Thomas.

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