Stonewall Jackson Papers. 1860

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Date: 1860, undated
Item: Letter
To: Laura Jackson Arnold
From: Thomas J. Jackson
Place: Lexington, Virginia
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...that carpeting is used for stairs instead of oil cloth. In regard to furniture I thought it best to consult you before making the purchases. As the furniture will last a life time it is best to be careful in pleasing ourselves although it may occasion delay. I purchased the oil cloth at once lest it might be sold, it is to be forwarded to Balt. directed to J. Arnold, Beverly Randolph County Va. care of R. L. Heavener & John Gephart, Jr. 320 Balt. St. Balt., M.D. I send the oil cloth as a present. As to the other articles, Rods etc. I can get the rods with concealed fastenings for $2.85 per dozen or I can get common rods with visible band fastenings for $2.20 per doz. The length of the rods is 30 inches but as you haven't the oil cloth you may not want the rods. Let me know & if the length is not right, tell me what length you desire.

If you can't get all the articles now, you can get the others if you desire at some other time as I can order them at any time by calling Madden's attention to them now. Let me hear from you soon and I will order the amount of your funds and I may be able to add some but my money matters are behind hand. I have been in debt ever since I purchased my house and have to constantly borrow from the bank in order to get along. Send your money as far as practicable in drafts on N. York for they charge a premium here for drafts & it is not safe to send bills by mail. I prefer paying the premium to running the risk. I also wish that you would write to the person from whom you purchased the draft which you sent me, & get him to procure you another as I have lost that one & when you get the draft send it to me. If I were you I would try to get along without the mattresses if possible and I would then get:

Bureau $25, wash stand $10, Tete a Tete1 $18, 4 quartets2 $5, Sofa $5, centre table $9, French bedstead $15. Total exclusive of boxing $87. Should you prefer the sofa instead of [lounge] & Tete a Tete the amount will be $3 less, & if you prefer the wash stand to match the Bureau & I would get it if my means justified, the amount will be $5 more.

[in another hand the words "29 feet eight inches."]

Give my love to all. Your affec. brother, Thomas.

1Tete-a-tete: a form of sofa for two persons; the sofa is curved that they are brought face to face while sitting on different sides of the sofa.
2Quartet: a type of table

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