Board of Visitors RecordsClaudius Crozet, first President of the Board

The Board of Visitors is the governing body of the Virginia Military Institute.  Its records are designated Record Group 1 in the VMI Archives.  The Board first met in May 1839, several months before VMI opened on November 11, in order to establish the rules governing the new Institute, hire a Superintendent (equal to President at other colleges) and to admit the first group of cadets.  The Archives houses the complete Minutes of the Board, which help to provide a detailed history of the Institute from its first days in 1839 through the current era. 

Digital Meeting Minutes  

The most recent years of Board meeting minutes, along with an increasing number of historical minutes, are available online in our Digital Library. New documents are added regularly. 

Manuscript and Typescript Minutes

For years not available online in our Digital Library, please contact us