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Organization of Institutional Records
Major Record Groups (RG)

These are the major organizational divisions for institutional records, which date from the opening of the Institute in 1839.  Some institutional records are covered by FERPA, privacy law, and other statutory restrictions, and are not available for research. This list provides a broad outline only. Researchers interested in historical VMI records should contact the VMI Archives to consult about a specific topic.

  • RG 001 Board of Visitors  
  • RG 002 Office of the Superintendent
  • RG 003 Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty
  • RG 004 Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration & Support
  • RG 005 Communications and Marketing (historically, known as Public Relations)
  • RG 006 Institute Publications and Printed Material
  • RG 007 Photographs and Media
  • RG 008 Cadet Life, Organizations, and Activities
  • RG 009 Intercollegiate Athletics
  • RG 010 Office of the Commandant of Cadets
  • RG 011 Assessment and Planninig
  • RG 012 Registrar and Student Records
  • RG013 Historical Alumni, Faculty and Other Biographical Files
  • RG 014 Affiliated Organizations (Miscellaneous records only)