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Organization of Institutional Records
Major Record Groups (RG)

These are the major organizational divisions for institutional records. This list provides a broad outline only. Researchers interested in historical VMI records should contact the VMI Archives to consult about a specific topic. Some institutional records are covered by FERPA, privacy, and other statutory restrictions, and are not available for research.

  • RG 001 Board of Visitors  
  • RG 002 Office of the Superintendent
  • RG 003 Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty
  • RG 004 Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration & Support
  • RG 005 Communications and Marketing (historically, known as Public Relations)
  • RG 006 Institute Publications and Printed Material
  • RG 007 Photographs and Media
  • RG 008 Cadet Life, Organizations, and Activities
  • RG 009 Intercollegiate Athletics
  • RG 010 Office of the Commandant of Cadets
  • RG 011 Assessment, Planning, and Accreditation
  • RG 012 Registrar and Student Records
  • RG 013 Affiliated Organizations (VMIRL)