Graduate School

Whether you plan to attend graduate school right after VMI or might consider graduate study in the distant future, there are steps to take that will ease the application process. The Graduate School Considerations handout provides a comprehensive array of considerations in this decision process.  Additionally, the GraduateGuide  can provide valuable information on Graduate Majors, School Profiles, Graduate Test Dates, Ways to pay for Graduate School, and a host of other topics. is another great resource to browse graduate school programs.

Top factors that influence graduate school applications:

  • Time - Can you carve out enough time from your career and other responsibilities to stay on course in /complete graduate school? 
  • Money - Do you have the financial resources to invest in graduate study now?
  • Motivation - Do you have the energy and interest to keep you on task? 
  • Need - Do you really need an advanced degree to accomplish your career goals? 
  • Experience - Do you need to acquire firsthand experience in your career in order to be competitive in a graduate program? 
  • Timing - Is this the right time in your life? in your career? 
  • Geographic location - Do you have to move to attend a particular graduate school? 
  • Selectivity - Can you find a program/school that fits your needs where you are a qualified candidate for admission?

Types of graduate schools and professional schools include:

  • Law School
  • Medical/Dental School
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) Programs
  • Masters or Ph.D. in any academic discipline

Admissions Tests

VMI Graduate Scholarships

Regardless of whether you go to graduate school right after VMI or wait several years, VMI has established a scholarship program to assist with graduate school tuition. Submission deadline for the scholarship program is March 15 of each year.  For details, contact  Major Meagan Herald, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.  Another helpful website with graduate school scholarship information is FastWeb.  Here you'll find an easy to navigate site, informative news articles and new features.


Medical schools require admissions interviews. Most will have panel interviews, which require a great deal of preparation. See Colonel Wade E. Bell, pre-med advisor, for specific assistance.

Most graduate schools do not require admissions interviews. If you can schedule an interview and a campus visit, it can be beneficial. If nothing else, it shows interest and sets you apart from the competition in some respects.

  • Treat a graduate school interview just like a job interview.
  • Do your homework on the program and the school.
  • Be prepared to ask questions that show you have done your research.
  • Practice interviewing before you have graduate school interviews. The Career Services staff can help you with mock interviews and video-taped practice interviews.

VMI Pre-Professional Advisors