Help This Office

There are any number of ways that you, as a VMI parent, can assist the Career Services staff.

Here are a few examples:

  • Contact the HR department at your place of employment about recruiting on Post for full-time positions and internships. If your organization cannot come to Lexington to recruit on Post, perhaps they would be willing to post internship or entry-level positions on VMI's KeydetConnect
  • Identify internship opportunities for cadets in your organization or in your community.
  • Notify Career Services of such internships or post these on VMI's KeydetConnect.
  • Volunteer to come to Post to talk with cadets about your career field/organization.
  • Volunteer to serve as a mentor to cadets VMI's Alumni Mentoring Network KeydetConnect.
  • Volunteer to house a VMI cadet who is interning in your community.

There are many other ways you might be able to help extend the Career Services program at VMI. We welcome your suggestions!