Post an Internship

Summer internships have always been an option for cadets seeking to develop professional experience. Our hope is that alumni and a wide variety of employers will offer gratifying and educational opportunities for VMI Cadets. Our hope is that you will share with us any summer internship opportunities that your company/organization might have available for current VMI cadets. We ask any alumnus who knows of internship opportunities to please go to KeydetConnect and post an internship to cadets. The data obtained will go into a searchable internship database which will be made available to cadets to search for a wide variety of internships at one central location.

If you don’t have access to a computer and/or prefer to post your internship information with assistance from our office, please contact Career Services or phone 540-464-7560 and we will be happy to assist in the process.

We are now posting internship opportunities on KeydetConnect.  This is a free service if you are interested in posting internship opportunities to cadets.