Suggested Reading

The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning: Helping Your College Student Succeed by Marcia Harris & Sharon Jones, NTC Publishing Group, 1996

The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning helps you and your child find workable solutions to every major career-planning issue. Written by recognized authorities in college career planning, this is an indispensable guide no parent should be without. From freshman orientation through senior year, you'll learn what to do when, where to find help, and how to navigate the waters of career planning to help your child land a satisfying and rewarding job.

Helping your child make the transition from college to career is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning is a ready reference that offers tried-and-true advice for every step of the way.

Don't Tell Me What to do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years by Helen E. Johnson & Christine Schelhas-Miller, St. Martin's Griffin, 2000

Does your daughter call home in tears over the latest "crisis," leaving you feeling helpless and concerned? Is your son confused about his major? When children leave for college many parents feel uncertain about their shifting role. By emphasizing the importance of being a mentor, Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money shows that parents may have lost control over their college student, but they haven't lost influence. Brimming with humorous case examples and realistic dialogues, this comprehensive guide covers the fundamental college issues,

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years, Fourth Edition by Karen Levin-Coburn & Madge Lawrence-Treeger, Quill, 2003

Unlike other college guides targeted at students or about the admissions process, Letting Go is a compassionate, practical and up-to-the-minute self-help handbook for parents dealing with the confusing and conflicting emotions of watching their children go off to college. Using many anecdotes from students, teachers and administrators on the lines, the chapters lead parents through the transitional period from junior year of high school to senior year of college. The authors explain the mind-set of today's college students and what their hopes and fears are and offer parents help in figuring out when to encourage their child's independence and when to come to the rescue. With all-new sections on campus life, as well as the latest facts on the Internet and its impact on the admissions process, academics and student life, this is a must-have guide for every concerned parent.

Empty Nest, Full Heart: The Journey from Home to College by Andrea Van Steenhouse & Johanna Parker, Simpler Life Press, 1998

Beginning with the senior year in high school, moving through the summer year after graduation, the final departure for college and the freshman year, Andre Van Steenhouse offers a lighthearted, yet savvy look at this turbulent time through her generous and compassionate world view, making it lively, humorous, and emotionally resonant. She has interviewed hundreds of families making this difficult passage and includes their stories while providing her trademark sensitivity for handling each stage of the journey.

A Career Planning Course for Parents by Sally Kearsley has helpful information on ways parents can help their students each year they're in college.