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Mrs. Ronda Dove
Administrative Assistant

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Center for Leadership & Ethics
VMI, Marshall Hall
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Lexington, VA  24450

7th Annual VMI Leadership & Ethics Conference

Strategic Leadership in Times of Global Transition: Past, Present, and Future

November 2-3, 2016

The Fall 2016 VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference will explore the exercise of strategic leadership during periods of global transition marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  Using an interdisciplinary approach, the conference will explore the intersection of strategic leadership with the marked political, economic, and military changes from the Cold War to the present.

Involving collaborative efforts of an organization’s top leaders, strategic leadership involves the process of assessing the external environment, articulating and aligning organizational vision to meet future environmental challenges, building consensus, and managing change. 

To explore these concepts, George C. Marshall’s strategic leadership will frame the conference’s overall content.  Marshall’s strategic vision generated the Marshall Plan to rebuild a shattered Europe following World War II.  As the 70th Anniversary of Marshall Plan approaches, Marshall’s exemplary strategic leadership, especially in visioning and managing change during a key global transition, provides a yardstick to measure parallel efforts in contemporary and future contexts.

Through speakers, panel discussions, and VMI’s Ethical Leadership Challenge – a facilitated small group exercise – the conference will analyze strategic leadership from the start of the Cold War to the present.  The conference will conclude by examining emerging patterns in the strategic environment and how they will influence the roles, competencies, and processes needed to exercise strategic leadership through 2040.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of strategic leadership, especially of Marshall’s example and how his insights might be applied by today’s strategic leaders.  The conference will focus on the importance of strategic vision and leadership in shaping the direction security interests, foreign policy, and global business activity during periods of global disruption and transition.

To receive notifications on this conference, email Derek Pinkham, Assistant Conference Coordinator.