Captain Dick CouchCouchBW

A 1967 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Dick Couch served with the Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams.  He led one of the only successful POW rescue operations of the Vietnam War, while a platoon leader with SEAL Team One in 1970. 

On release from active duty in 1972, he joined the Central Intelligence Agency, where he served as a Maritime Operations Officer, from 1972–1976. He retired from the Naval Reserve in 1997 with the rank of captain.  He currently serves as an advisor on military and tactical ethics to the Commander, US Special Operations Command. 

Dick’s work has been featured nationwide, in leading outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Christian Science Monitor, Variety magazine, Booklist, Kirkus, and Library Journal. He has served as an analyst for FOX TV, MSNBC TV, and ABC radio during combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has also been featured on National Public Radio, “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hardball” with Chris Matthews, and the “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams.  He often travels to the wartime theaters as an embed with American Special Operations Forces.     

Dick began his writing career in 1990 and has published six novels:

 SEAL Team One (Avon, 1990) 
Pressure Point  (Putnam/Berkeley, 1992) 
Silent Descent (Putnam/Berkeley, 1994)Rising Wind (Naval Institute Press, 1997) 
The Mercenary Option (Pocket, 2003)  
Covert Action (Pocket, 2005) 

The Warrior Elite, his first nonfiction work, was published in 2001 by Crown Books.
Subsequent non-fiction books include:

The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Survival Manual (Basic Books, 2003, acting editor) 
Down Range: Navy SEAL Operations in the War on Terror (Crown, 2005) 
The Sheriff of Ramadi: Navy SEALS and the Winning of al Anbar (NIP, 2008) 
The Finishing School:  Earning the Navy SEAL Trident (Crown Books, 2004) 
Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces Warrior (Crown, 2007) 
A Tactical Ethic: Moral Conditioning for the Modern Warrior (NIP, 2010)