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Mr. Ross is a former NFL Head Coach of the Detroit Lions and the San Diego Chargers, the later of which he took to the Super Bowl in 1994.  He was an Assistant Coach under Marv Levy with the Kansas City Chiefs and coached in the college ranks with the Citadel, The University of Maryland, the U.S. Military Academy, and Georgia Tech, where he won the National Championship in 1990. He is a native of Virginia and a graduate of Virginia Military Institute in 1959. 

Basic Principles of Leadership of General George Marshall 

1. He wanted his subordinates to be Independent and Creative.

2. He felt leadership in the field depends on strong, physical stamina, the ability to withstand hardship and lack of sleep, yet have enough energy to command and dominate men on the battle field.

3. He was concerned about the morale of his troops.

4. He felt he must not allow himself to get angry for it was too exhausting.

5. He did not talk down to anyone. He listened attentively to all the essential facts before he reached a conclusion or announced a decision.

6. Leadership requires taking responsibility, not asserting rank and privilege.

7. When conditions are difficult and the command is depressed and pessimistic, you must be cheerful and optimistic.

8. When evening comes and everyone is exhausted, hungry and low in spirits, put aside your personal fatigue, display energy in checking the comfort of your units and prepare for tomorrow.

9. A successful officer should show loyalty to his chiefs. In your efforts to carry out their plans or policies, the less you approve, the more energy you must direct to their accomplishment.

10. He was convinced that men fought better if they understood why they were in the service and what they were contributing to the Nation’s Defense.


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