Summer Undergraduate Research Institute

VCUR offers a summer research institute that 1) facilitates and supports undergraduate research projects conducted by selected cadets and their faculty mentors, and 2) fosters the development of a learning community among student participants.

SURI provides a structured program, financial support, and academic credit for research projects conducted during the summer at VMI, or at an approved off-site location. Research pairs are each comprised of one VMI cadet and one VMI faculty mentor, with the cadet being the principal investigator. Cadets and mentors participating in the program each receive a taxable award. 

Faculty and cadets from all VMI academic departments are encouraged to apply.  The application process is competitive. Reviewers are drawn from members of the Undergraduate Research Committee.

SURI expands VMI cadet-mentor research activities during the summer, which is the most advantageous time for conducting investigative projects. In addition to the mentored research projects, SURI sponsors an orientation, guest speakers, library instruction, and a symposium with presentations by the cadet researchers. 

To apply, go to :Eligibility and Requirements    SURI Policy

SURI 2016

Traditional proposals due February 15, 2016 EXTENDED TO 2359 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16
Subprograms - March 14, 2016          

Additional opportunities for cadets to conduct research are available through a number of established SURI subprograms.

To participate in one of the SURI subprograms, please contact the subprogram Point-of-Contact (POC) listed below before submitting a proposal.

  1. AIM – Applied Industrial Math Program
    POC – Maj. John David
  2. VMI/VCU MOU – VMI and Virginia Commonwealth University Memorandum of Understanding
    POC – Col Jon-Michael Hardin
  3. MERC – Mathematics Education and Resource Center
    POC – LTC Meagan Herald

Instructions for submitting a proposal to one of the V-CUR-sponsored Subprograms

  • The cadet researcher is required to initiate the submission process by accessing the following link from a VMI-networked computer (not their laptop):
  • Once at the website, the cadet researcher will need to complete the initial form that appears on the page to establish their profile.  
  • Once the cadet researcher has completed the form, i.e. established their profile,thus creating his/her electronic folder, an automatic e-mail is sent to his/her Faculty Mentor and Department Head. 
  • The cadet will then be able to upload their proposal and any additional relevant materials. 
  • Once the Faculty Mentor/Department Head have been prompted, they are directed to the link below where they will be able to upload their letter of support: (Although this is the same link, a different web page will open for the Faculty Mentors and Department Heads).    

Please note – The Biology Swope program and the Chemistry SURP program are independent of the VCUR SURI programs. Please contact those departments directly for information.

Sample proposals by academic division: Please do not cut and paste into these applications.  Use as content samples only.  The application format has changed.  Do not include a budget request with your application.  If funds are available, a call will be sent to accepted proposals.


Maj. Josh Iddings, VCUR Programs Coordinator    

SURI is administered by the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research (V-CUR) and sponsored by the Jackson-Hope Fund and the VMI Research Laboratories (VMIRL).