Preparing an Oral Presentation

Length of your presentation 

You will have 25 minutes total, including time for questions and answers.  Practice before you give the talk, and be prepared to cut out ideas to make the talk fit.  Never solve the time problem by simply talking faster!  A moderator in each room will ensure your talk does not go over; if you wish you may see him before your session begins to ask for a “2 minutes left” warning.  

A/V Aides and Title Slide 

Each room will have a laptop computer running PowerPoint connected to a projector.  We ask that even if you do not plan to use any A/V aides in your talk that you still create a title page that is displayed during your presentation.  We will have a variety of high-level visitors from outside VMI circulating during the symposium, and they may drop into your talk midway through.  

Resources for developing an effective presentation 

Effective talks 

Effective visual aides