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Class of 1983

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 For VMI alumni, their classes are at the center of their VMI experience in Barracks—and after they graduate. Class reunions are well-attended, and some sort of mini-reunion is either being planned or executed at any time during the year. 

Classes also unite to provide private financial support to VMI. Each Class has its own personality and experiences; and, therefore, it has own priorities in terms of supporting the Institute and its cadets.

One example is the Class of 1983. In a nod to VMI’s famous “Three-Legged Stool,” its “Four- Legged Stool” supports scholarship, faith, athletics, and leadership and represented, respectively, by The Class of 1983 Memorial Scholarship Fund, The Class of 1983 Leadership and Ethics Fund, The Class of 1983 Chaplain Charles C. Caudill Discretionary Fund, and the Melvin P. Rucker '83 and E. Ray Rushton '83 Memorial Football Scholarship. 

“Our Class railed around the idea of leaving a memorable legacy for the young people who decide to take the road less travelled by attending VMI,” said Jim Outland, Class Agent. “The Class of ’83, therefore, committed to helping our alma mater develop today’s cadets into graduates who will make their presence known in the nation and the world as honorable leaders of character, action, and resolve by promoting scholarship, leadership, faith, and athletics at VMI.” 

“Whenever they receive the call to help VMI, we hope these future alumni also will recognize their special bond to VMI and come to support of the Institute’s noble mission.”