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Program Links

2012 Institute Society Dinner

On November 11, 2012, the VMI Foundation hosted the annual Institute Society Dinner. This year more than 500 alumni and friends attended the dinner.

This event primarily recognizes the members of The Institute Society, those men and women who make a minimum gift of $1,500 to the Foundation Fund or donate at least $3,000 annually to a restricted fund or endowment managed by the VMI Foundation during a fiscal year.

One of the highlights at this year’s Institute Society Dinner was a short video that outlines the importance of private support to the Institute as a whole and its cadets, faculty, and staff in particular. To see this video, please click on the screen at right.  

Alumni Agencies

The VMI Alumni Agencies – the VMI Alumni Association, the VMI Foundation, and the VMI Keydet Club – work to keep alumni informed about developments on Post, strengthen their ties with each other and VMI, and raise the private financial support that is critical to sustain and advance VMI's extraordinary education.  

Society of VMI Family & Friends

For those associated with VMI, the term “VMI Family” is a simple way to describe the numerous groups of people – cadets, faculty and staff, alumni, cadets’ parents and other relatives, and friends of VMI – who steadfastly support the way by which VMI accomplishes its important mission advances the welfare of the Institute. While their relationships to VMI may be different, these people are bound together by a sincere belief in VMI’s mission: 

  • To educate cadets for success in their chosen professions;
  • To shape their characters for honorable, purposeful, and resolute leadership; and
  • To inculcate in cadets an abiding respect for the structures and values of the American republic. 

 Learn more about the Society of VMI Family and Friends