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/assets/0/2911/4294969305/4294972551/ab8765ea-b7d9-4cfc-a5c6-145f6961fb6c.jpgDr. Christopher LaMonica  

Christopher LaMonica is an Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at the United States Coast Guard Academy.  His research interests include the politics of development, the “development-security nexus,” international relations theory and practice, African politics, and the politics of migration, race and ethnicity in history.  He currently teaches courses on Comparative Politics, International Relations, African Politics, International Development, the Politics of North Africa & the Middle East and Sub-Saharan African History.   He has taught these and other subjects at Boston University, the University of Rhode Island, and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.   Prior to entering academia Chris worked for ten years in international development with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) and USAID/Zambia.  He earned a BA in Economics at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, an MA in International Relations at Boston University (International Graduate Program/Paris), an MPP in International Development at Harvard University's Kennedy School, and a PhD in Comparative Politics at Boston University.