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Karen Kirkpatrick
Office Manager

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Center for Cadet Counseling
Virginia Military Institute
2nd Floor VMI Health Center
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Media Campaigns from the CCC

"Your Health Your Choice" is a campaign to encourage students to choose to be responsible when consuming alcholic beverages. It encourages spacing alcoholic beverages with a non-alcoholic beverage, such as water or juice. This gives the body time to metabolize the alcohol already consumed, decreasing the effects on the body. This is a harm reduction approach geared towards students who choose to drink alcohol to promote responsible use. To view the posters for this campaign, choose a link below (files are in pdf format):

        Drink More...Water               Set The Pace               Think Mixing Your Drinks is a Bad Idea? 

 "The Standard" is a monthly publication created by the Cadet Peer Educators (CPE) which initiated in the fall of 2011. It contains articles, information, statistics, and interviews typical of a health and wellness newsletter. Topics range from Mental Health Awareness, Substance Abuse Education and Prevention to health and safety topics and follow trends in national health awareness and education. Select the Month you wish to view here to view our archives:    

        September 2011      October 2011     November 2011      December 2011      January/February 2012

VMI Health and Safety Videos: The CPE crew has worked hard together to make videos that are current and relevant to VMI and health issues. The video section is new as well to the Center for Cadet Counseling, being started in the fall of 2011 as well.


Mental Health Awareness Video (Coming soon)